Natural solutions to unnatural problems

First Solution

Transforming plastic waste into everyday chemicals


Plastics wasted

We make a lot of plastic and recycling rates remain unacceptably low; making virgin plastics is simply cheaper and easier. Today, most plastic produced is landfilled, burned, or worst of all, leaked into our natural ecosystems. It can be found from our dinner plates to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. This is not just an environmental and health disaster, we are wasting all the value stored in its carbon, the very element our modern world is built on.

At the same time, the chemical industry continues to rely on the expensive and damaging extraction of fossil carbon using high energy processes to produce the chemicals that we rely on everyday.

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Plastics as a resource

We have developed a new kind of solution for plastic waste: biorecycling. Enabled by our platform, we are designing tuneable enzymes that can be programmed to transform a huge variety of plastics into different chemicals. These enzymes cleave the highly stable bonds that make plastics so persistent in the environment.

The plastics we are targeting have historically been the most difficult to process where no biological solution has been developed to date. We boldly go where no enzyme has gone before.

Ultimately, this is a new way to make chemicals. With this technology we can dramatically reduce the carbon emissions coming from today’s chemical industry – all whilst cleaning up plastic waste.

Two birds with one stone.

Our Industries

Endless possibilities

The resulting molecules from our biorecycling process are the very same chemicals that today are made from oil and gas. These are used at enormous scales in countless applications. We are collaborating with partners from across these industries: everyone from technology developers to chemical producers and consumer brand owners.

Detergents & cleaners

Agro chemicals

Plastics & textiles

Industrial chemicals

Paint & coatings

Beauty & personal care