Work on what matters

Day to day

A job that works with your life

At Epoch, we are building a company committed to providing the physical and mental space that we all need to succeed. At work, our get-it-done attitude is balanced with a healthy dose of humour, zest and adaptability. 

We are independent, autonomous self-starters working with real purpose towards a common goal. We connect with people and nurture creativity to form a strong community and sense of belonging.

The problems we solve are hard, coming to work is easy.


We are humans first

We practice inclusivity and believe we can achieve extraordinary things with a spirited, experienced and diverse team. While we are all strong individuals, we are tightly united in our positivity and common purpose.

Restless for change

We are impatient for a better future. A sense of urgency drives our ambition. We are not afraid to take initiative and are proactive and self-reliant.

Keenly focused

We take great pride in tackling hard problems with a pragmatic, creative and resilient mindset. We are curious and focused on executing innovative and effective solutions rooted in the integrity of quality science. Our ‘get it done’ attitude is infectious.

Success is a joint effort

We communicate early and often with one another and are open and transparent. Our culture of collaboration is built upon mutual respect, trust and gratitude.

Strive for balance

Besides employees, we are parents, carers, friends, and people with interests outside of the office. When this is recognised and respected, we are the best version of ourselves and will do the best job.

Enjoy the journey

We all have the opportunity to shape and own the future. A positive working environment, attitude, and a sense of humour are key to stimulating creativity and achieving a sense of well being.


Let’s chat

If this resonates with you, check out our open positions. We are always on the lookout for exceptional people, so if you don’t see a role that fits what you are looking for, please submit an application and tell us what you can bring to Epoch. We would love to hear from you!