Making Our Planet Better With Biology

Epoch is the Total BioDesign company developing natural solutions to unnatural problems. Combining the last thirty years of progress in computational and biological sciences with new ideas, deep industry knowledge, and academic expertise, we’re on a mission to scale and industrialise biology to solve our biggest climate challenges.

Welcome to the Biodesign Era


Plastic Waste Transformed

Our Earth is drowning in plastic. The scale of this problem is unfathomably large and plastic has found its way to every ecosystem on the planet. Since so little is recycled, so far our solution has been to burn it and pile it up in landfills.

We’ve learned from nature to find a better way.

We are developing the first enzymes capable of transforming the hardest-to-recycle plastics into low carbon, circular chemicals. This natural, low-energy solution is highly scalable, enabling flexibility in how we manage the world’s waste.


Pollution is now our resource.

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We’re hiring curious, innovative thinkers who ask big questions and want to solve hard problems (and have fun!).

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