Making our planet better with biology

What We Do

Epoch is the Total BioDesign company developing natural solutions to unnatural problems. Combining the last thirty years of progress in computational and biological sciences we’re on a mission to scale and industrialise biology to solve our biggest climate challenges.


Total BioDesign

We employ this unique methodology to develop our enzymatic processes. This holistic approach sits at the intersection of multiple cutting-edge disciplines and enables fit-for-purpose, industrial solutions.


Plastic as a resource

Our first solution is biorecycling: a tuneable enzymatic process to transform plastic waste into everyday chemicals.

Who we are

Passionate about the planet

Solving our biggest climate challenges requires unprecedented vision and bold action. We are building a diverse team made up of people with the audacity and tenacity to make the world better and healthier with biology.

“Nature once determined how we survive. Now we determine how nature survives.”

–David Attenborough